Context Precision

Context Precision is a metric that evaluates whether all of the ground-truth relevant items present in the contexts are ranked higher or not. Ideally all the relevant chunks must appear at the top ranks. This metric is computed using the question and the contexts, with values ranging between 0 and 1, where higher scores indicate better precision.

\[\text{Context Precision@k} = {\sum {\text{precision@k}} \over \text{total number of relevant items in the top K results}}\]
\[\text{Precision@k} = {\text{true positives@k} \over (\text{true positives@k} + \text{false positives@k})}\]

Where k is the total number of chunks in contexts


Context precision
from ragas.metrics import ContextPrecision
context_precision = ContextPrecision()

# Dataset({
#     features: ['question','contexts'],
#     num_rows: 25
# })
dataset: Dataset

results = context_precision.score(dataset)