Metrics-Driven Development

While creating a fundamental LLM application may be straightforward, the challenge lies in its ongoing maintenance and continuous enhancement. Ragas’ vision is to facilitate the continuous improvement of LLM and RAG applications by embracing the ideology of Metrics-Driven Development (MDD).

MDD is a product development approach that relies on data to make well-informed decisions. This approach entails the ongoing monitoring of essential metrics over time, providing valuable insights into an application’s performance.

Our mission is to establish an open-source standard for applying MDD to LLM and RAG applications.

  • Evaluation: This enables you to assess LLM applications and conduct experiments in a metric-assisted manner, ensuring high dependability and reproducibility.

  • Monitoring: It allows you to gain valuable and actionable insights from production data points, facilitating the continuous improvement of the quality of your LLM application.